JamKey - JamKey
The JamKey C. is MADE IN ITALY and it is the result of the cooperation between ORLA and MM49 company. The ORLA 50 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and distribution of electronic musical products and the new energy of MM49 company, an international design team (hardware and software) with a new point of view and a new approach to musical instruments and new technologies.
the new JAMKEY C. controller will be lounched. This is a new double manual controller designed to be used with Lap Top computers (Mac, Pc, Virtual Instruments) and with the new iPad and similar tablets but with a very evident desire of Vintage Organ sounds.
The waterfall keyboards ( Upper 61 keys, Lower 73 keys), the two sets of 9 drawbars + 2 drawbars for the Bass section are identifying the instrument as a product for organ players.
All the slider and rotating controls, all the pushbuttons are completely programmable by the internal JamKey C. Editor and can be configured to match Pc, Mac and iPad systems.
A large number of Patch Memories can be also stored and recalled at the touch of a button.
Keyboard Fatar keyboard set up
Upper 61 keys Touch Sensitive (Waterfall organ keyboard - model TP8)
Lower 73 keys Touch Sensitive (Hammer action piano keyboard - model TP100LN)
All Controllers assignable by user. Central Control Area for Lap Top, PC Keyboard or iPad or similar tablet.
Keyboard Organ Controls Drawbars Sliders (also assignable as Slider Controls)
2 Sets of 9 Drawbars (Upper and Lower)
1 Set of 2 Drawbars for Bass Pedalboard
Rotative Controls 8 Rotative Controls for Volume, Drive, Click Volume, Reverb, Equalizer
Led Buttons 8 Leds buttons for Percussion (On/Off, Volume Soft-Normal, Decay Slow-Fast, Harmony Second-Third)
3 Leds buttons for Vibrato (Upper On-Off, Lower On-Off, Vibrato Select)
6 Leds for Vibrato Type
2 Leds Buttons for Rotor (On-Off, Slow-Fast)
2 Leds Buttons for Upper Keyboard Transpose (Up-Down)
2 Leds Buttons for Lower Keyboard Transpose (Up-Down)
Keyboards Synth and Digital Pianos Controls 8 Assignable Rotative Controls
8 Assignable Led Buttons
8 Assignable Pad Controls
Tool Bar Controls & Patch Buttons 6 Leds Pads to control external sequencer ( Play, Stop, Rec, Rw, Fw, Loop)
8 Leds Buttons for Patch memory locations for storing custom setups
2 Wheels for Pitch Bend and Modulation
Side Pannel Conections 3 Foot Pedals Jacks ¼ inch : Volume (CC7), Expression (CC11) and Sustain (CC64)
2 Midi Ports : In, Out
1 USB Connector (midi)
Dc Connector
Switch On-Off
Size (WxDxH) 112 cm x 52 cm x 16 cm
Weight 23 kg
All specifications and apparence are subject to chnge without notice